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RRRSDP follows labour-based approach with active involvement of local community similar to that followed by DRSP and DRILP in rehabilitation and reconstruction of road subprojects as well as for water supply and other supplementary infrastructure projects . SDC provides technical assistance to the Programme. The SDC’s support for trail bridge in the RRRSDP is provided through trail bridge support prograame. The DRSP’s Programme Support Unit (PSU) is entrusted by SDC for providing technical support at the district level in four programme districts i.e. Sindhupalchowk, Dolakha, Kavrepalanchowk and Sindhuli. The support is provided through a multi-disciplinary team of technical and social personnel. The services provide covered the preparation of detailed project report consisting of the engineering design, cost estimate, IEE report, Resettlement report and Detail social study report as required and of selected road subprojects, water supply and other supplementary infrastructure projects. The DIST also undertakes construction supervision together with implementation of social and gender action plan.

The major road projects being undertaken are:

  • Kavreplanchowk:
  • 1. Khopasi – Taldhunga (42 km from KanmiDanda).
  • Sindhupalchowk:
  • 1. Sildhunga-Jethal-Tauthali-Tekanpur (23 km);
  • 2. Naubise-Chautara-Melamchi (43 km).
  • Dolakha:
  • 1. Sunkhani-Kanpa (27.4 km);
  • 2. Namdu-Marbu-Chhap (20.2 km);
  • 3. Bhirkot-Sahare-Hawa (21.9 km).
  • Sindhuli:
  • 1. Khaniyakharka-Kamarebhanjyang (14.7 km);
  • 2. Pipalbhanjyang-Haitar (23 km);
  • 3. Kamarebhanjyang-Dhapchauki (13.5 km).